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BY LeClerc Darguin

At the NYC’s downtown venue, The Bitter End, talents have made history. There on stage, LeClerc revealed some talents of his own that came into play the fateful night of his first jacuzzi party.

Hoboken Hookup

BY Adam Wade

Moth legend, Adam Wade, shares a very personal story about hooking up hopes and realities.  

Plan B

BY Josh Gondelman

For our holiday show in New York’s East Village, Josh Gondelman relived his very hilarious trip to the Mall of America with that special someone to get… that special something.

Living it Up Down Under

BY Naomi Ekperigin

New Years is a time to kick off your shoes, fly to Australia and see how much blood you can lose in that special grey moment between this year and next year. Naomi is as usual, hilarious in her depiction of a very special New Years.

Getting to Know You

BY Kevin Allison

Storytelling legend, Kevin Allison shows us what a night in the big city, a little nudity and a very heavy pair of tennis shoes can do to a young man’s psyche.


Top Bunk

BY Mike Kelton

Mike Kelton’s freshman year brought him magically appearing and disappearing friends, Maleficent party go-er and escalating partying bananas time that culminate on one special bunkbed.


Model Misdirection

BY Emma Willmann

When someone tells you they’re a model, expectations are set.


High School Re-do

BY Slash Coleman

Amen, Slash!