Yes, I Will Exploit My Dating Woes for Laughs

Gchat? Or Prose Poem?  

me: i just broke up with this guy i was dating who i thought was great

Elizabeth: damnnnn

me: but turned out to be an asshole

hes a repeat offender

i dated him a few years


Elizabeth: oh yeah

i remember him

the screenwriter?

or not

me: not screenwriter

I cant remember who the screen writer was

this guy used to say mean shit to me in bed

Elizabeth: yeah, i remember him sort of

last time i came to visit

oh wait

he was the one who you met up with to eat Thai

and then something crazy happened

i'm forgetting the story

me: nope



that guy  told me about his gun

Elizabeth: wait, he is the one who criticized you for not shaving?

me: YES

Elizabeth: okay, I finally got to the right place in history


me: holy shit this is cracking me up

I am putting this up on BDGS

damn you just summed up every asshole i ever dated

Elizabeth: haha

i forgot to mention back door john

Jessie Male