When the search for honesty trumps all


This story comes fresh to us from a good friend and audience member at last week's fantazilstick Bad Date Great Story Birthday Show.  It is from a 2 year old email sent by her boyfriend, describing his brother's first date with a girl in the Meatpacking district, NYC:  

“Bob” was on a date with this girl on sunday night...they had dinner all day at Market, some seafood place in the meat packet district (9th and 14th)...it went well...and she was like "do you wanna come back to my place" and he was like "do you have HBO" and she was like "no" and he was like "then no" and she was like "what do you mean" and he was like "i want to watch entourage" and she was like "don't they repeat it monday nights" and he was like "but people will be talking about it by then and i wanna see it fresh" and she was like "so you're really picking a television program over me" so then later in the week, “Bob” got an email from her saying that she was telling her friend the story and about how no one ever turned her down before and her friend was like "but he was honest, and look at how bad the ones who've come to your house were, you should give him another chance." so she asked him out again...