"What's Your Number?" Reviews All Wrong, Great Flick!


Review: If you are avoiding the obvious question-Do not go see this on a date.  

This is a photo of Anna Faris saying "Oh no he di dent.  Oh no review man in Taxi TV didn't rotten tomato my film!"

Just went on a blogging research mission with fellow blogger and saw this movie in the desolate-scary-possible stabbyville movie theater at 34th street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan.

As fellow blogger said, this film looked like it could possibly be like "Confessions of a Shopaholic" an awful crappy version of a bearable book series (fine I own them all).  But, it was so beyond that.  Weirdo humor (loved the message at the end by Aziz Ansari) and the awesomeness that is Anna Farris, someone who could ride along on her looks and bod and is instead self-effacing and hilarious.  Kudos to the casting too.  Good chemistry, Chris Evans, well played.  Also the chick from "Happy Endings"Eliza Coupe, who nails her expressions with equal parts restraint and hilarity.  And who doesn't like the terrifying wasp from hell, Blythe Danner's ongoing screen persona.

Ari Graynor, believable, but not in the most flattering haircut of her life, and she needed some funnier lines.  She killed it in "Nick and Nora and the Infinite playlist" she is just the straight man here.

Big shout out to Adam Samberg, the puppet was so creepy and amaze-balls!

So clam it guy reviewing movies in the cab.  Your voice - SO annoying.  I don't want to be on my way home from being out and fabulous and hear you say the words "Just didn't do it for me" looking all sad on a sound stage...

So, is this the greatest movie of your life? If you have to ask that question, you have a lot more problems than choosing what movie to go to. Is it worth the money and featuring some great comedians? Hella yes. Yay Anna Faris!