What I Learned By Posting a Winning Date on HowAboutWe...

The following are realizations I came to while deleting the majority of the 72 messages I received after posting: How about we read the NYT in Central Park with a bottle of wine. Bikes may be involved.
1. That picture of you "scratching" your nose? Might not be the best look for you. Let's try a smile first.
2. "Aren't you a little young to be going grey?" is not a fantastic opener. As my mother always said, if you don't have anything nice to say, perhaps you shouldn't say it at all.
3. The 26 year old with V-neck tie-dyed tees who says he is a writer and enjoys indulging in wunderlust? I see your rolled up pant leg. You are a hipster who doesn't have a job.
4. When you say you are 31 and your first concert was Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA tour, I do not actually believe you went when you were four.
5. If you say you are intrigued by five out of five dates, and I have never responded to your intriguement, well...I am impressed by your ability to try try again.
6. NYRunner21. You are a difficult lesson for me. Even though your beautiful face became a grey outline, I still clicked on you. Come back to me.
7. There is no bigger turn off than writing "your cute." Except, perhaps, "your ugly".
8. When your profile picture is just your eye--covered by sunglasses--this is not the best way to sell yourself.
9. When your profile picture is just YOUR NAKED TORSO AND PUBIC HAIR I will not think you want to read the newspaper with me.
10. When you write, "Perhaps we can start with a game of words," I will be tempted to respond yes, because I am quite good at word games. But I will not want to date you.