The Photos from the Bad Date Great Story 1st Birthday are up for viewing!


There is nothing we like better than a party.  And, what better way to party than to celebrate our 1st birthday of spectacular performance shows here at Bad Date Great Story?  A big timey shindig comedy/reading extravaganza!  The venue was Solas. The voices: (back row) Jason Salmon, James Alexander, Will Garre (front row) Emi S., Jessie Male, Rachael Parenta and a very special Alix Mansbach who will be photoshopped into this pic tomorrow... For more pictures including this table drawing that acts as a key to all the acts, which you will soon be able to see up on the video slider, check out the facebook album "BDGS Birthday Spectacular" and start following BGDS on FB, so you can stay up to date on all the new shows and happenings!