The craziest thing to ever happen on a date was...

At the most recent BDGS event, we asked our audience members what the craziest thing to ever happen on a date was. Here were some of their responses (and more to follow in the days to come):


...on a first date with a guy when we were 23, he invited me over to his house and while we were getting busy his mom walked in.

...I got shot (editor's note: don't fret BDGS readers, it was with a bb gun. Author is alive and well). date got into a car accident on the way to meet me (editor's note: we hope said date is alive and well).

...proposal hives in my mouth after making out--maybe from his cat? (editor's note: we LOVE stories that involve cats, but perhaps a doctor's visit is in order...)

...she woke up next to me and then I realized she had the word FAITHLESS carved in her arm.