"That's okay"


I was trying to see if my friend had any good stories to share and this is how our conversation went: Me: That time you fell off your bike into that six foot ditch in the rice fields and cut your face - were you coming home from a date?

Liz: No.  I was just drunk.

Me: What about that guy you met at Starbucks?

Liz: Wait-then there was the firefighter who turned out to be a policeman and thought that I was a spy even though I met him when I was drunk at a cheese steak place and my top fell off.

Me: was that in Japan?

Liz:No! This was on the upper east side.  Oh wait - I knew a Viagra salesman who kept asking me out on dates and I was like "we're just friends" and he was like "that's" okay.  He said "that's okay" to everything. I was like "I have a boyfriend" and he was like "that's okay we'll just go down a drive for the coast."  I was like "It's getting serious," he was like "that's okay."  I said, "Actually, we're getting engaged,"and heard, "that's okay."   I even had to buy a fake ring.  Then I told him I was pregnant and he finally stopped asking me out.