Summer Dating: Let Out the Animals...


Well, it's summer and you know what that means.  People are remembering that things exists outside of their apartments, bars, and other people's apartments.  And those things are lady and man parts.  Clothes are tinier (thanks big, fat, hairy guy in tiny shorts at hot yoga).  And, those who manage to have both good looks and practical intelligence, can find themselves on a happy run of sun filled dates. (I don't know why I said that, all my dates take place in the dark). Well, when you go on a date, there's always the thought of the sparkly touching that results from being with someone.  But, sometimes, things can get in the way.  Such as: guy reveals way mangled ears from being a wrestler in high school and college that look like melting clay, you meet a girl at a bar she invites you home then even though you are a gentleman and just drop her off she refuses to respond to your phone outreach and then calls you a stalker, you decide to work at an all girls school in the mountains for the summer and you are a girl who does not like girls.  This is life people and these are the things that happen in the dating world of life.

Keep chugging on those tracks!  Summer ain't over yet!