Single Life & Married Life Playfully Shameful on "Happy Endings"

Review: Yes, this is a good show to watch with a sig. other.  Funny, light comedy.  

Sometimes you have a series and you hope and dream over the summer while falling asleep at sandy beaches and while being the worst passenger seat rider on car trips, that it will retain the hilarity of last season. It happened! Happy Endings still kicks major ass. When Damon Wayans Jr. is wearing a women's polo dress because he likes "a deep tuck," or, Casey Wilson is trying to finally get in with the cool high school girls and debating over sporting a baby's shirt that says "I pooped," the show kept it's charms and added more with an ensemble cast that is meshing even better.  And, who doesn't love a 1/16 Navajo discovery by single man Zachary Knighton? If you want some history into how Adam Pally got to be Adam Pally, check out this funny clip on Jimmy Kimmel of his "rock" band parents:


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