Single Girl Meets Mama’s Boy



Like many young women out there, I wasn't dating for kicks--I was dating to find the one. I’d just tried speed dating and after one awkward conversation about Coca-Cola and another conversation with a man who smelled like a chimney, I decided to switch it up. Rather than subjecting myself to ten more useless minutes with ten new guys I decided to seek guidance elsewhere-- a dating organization designed to find the perfect match.

Since I’m naïve and wanted nothing more than to be in love, I signed up. There was only one spot left. The dating gods had spoken, and they wanted me at this movie and dinner match up.

The people at the venue insisted they’d found the perfect candidate for me. Who was I to deny them? I showed up dressed to the nines, ready to flatter and be flattered. He was over twenty minutes late but when I saw him the world stopped. The five o’clock shadow that graced his face and the grin he left me with turned me to mush. The venue was wrong; he was out of my league, far too good looking.

Our conversation was weak but with those looks it didn’t matter. We ordered food--in fact, he ordered two meals, which I began questioning, but with my amazing dress, great hair, and scenery to die for I said nothing. As we continued to chat, the second dish started to come more into play. I swore it stared at me, demanding I guess who would dine with us.

Just as the lights dimmed I heard a voice behind me. A woman. I panicked. Would it be one of these threesome deals? I was not an easy lay and I most certainly was not one who shared their men. When he stood up and introduced his mother the shock on my face wasn’t hidden. After all, it was the last thing I’d expected.

During the rest of dinner my date and I were quiet. I listened mostly to his mother’s monologue on how her son needed to find a good woman – stating pretty clearly I was not the one for him. She asked my likes and dislikes and I swore, no matter what I mentioned, she’d counteract at how much her son and I DID NOT fit into each other’s lives. I realized I couldn't stick around any longer. As dessert was served I told them I needed to use the restroom and left. There was no way I’d endure this any longer. I was relieved to have found out his secret on the first date. Could you have imagined falling in love with this guy?

About the author: Jen Daiker is the author of the blog Unedited ( She's a chick lit writer who spends copious amounts of time on twitter (!/jenunedited) and various dating sites looking for inspiration. This is just one of the many dating horror stories she's kept in the closet… and yes, she's been lucky enough to find the one.