One Time I ALMOST Went Out on a Date with a Guy from "Hey Dude"


When I was a younger (definition of a younger: after high school, before you can legally drink = a younger)I inadvertently found myself out with a friend of mine, a guy she was dating, and a guy who was on the show "Hey Dude".   See wiki link, if you fall into an age bracket that renders this reference moot

Now, having been more of a fan of "Salute your Shorts" I appreciated the senario, but I didn't know who this actor was.

He was very nice and good-natured though.  Although, at the end of the hanging out lounge hopping/eating night, he didn't ask for my number, which I can attribute now to our complete lack of chemistry and the large age gap that seems even more apparent when one person can barely write a check and the other is on the other side of their 20's.  But, at the time I thought, "WHAT!#?"! Ridiculous."

About two weeks later, he dropped by a restaurant I was working at and sort of half-heartedly asked me out, a gesture I felt was too late and something neither of us were that excited by. It was sort of like sending someone a card that said, "Thought nothing of you, until two weeks passed and I met no one better. Now you'll do." So, for both of our sakes, but also because he looked like one of my parents friends in the restaurant lighting, I said something about having to wake up early and bowed away quickly. This was also the night I lost a Benetton scarf I had possessed since the sixth grade.  So, I considered it a double loss evening.