One Big Happy Family


I live in a giant group house with six boys. It's a little like Snow White only our house is full of dirty socks and electric guitars, and the only animals around to help me with the mess are the rats. One night the whole house went to Patty Boom Booms, the biggest sweat slut fest in the DC area.  Good times. We were drinking some sort of toxic elixir called rum punch.  And, as God's way of torturing me, I found myself sandwiched in between Matt and Ryan, two of my roommates. Ryan went to get more drinks.  Andrew, another roommate, wandered upstairs toward the dj booth.  Matt kissed me.  Meh, I thought. No big deal.  Could have been an accidental thing.  But 20 minutes later, after we closed the place down, Ryan and Andrew went to stuff their faces with pizza and Matt and I made out in the sidewalk the whole time. But I’m pretty sure Ryan and Andrew didn't see.  I had one eye open.

We all get home.  Ryan and I have a habit (which I kind of like) of getting into vaguely philosophical conversations at 4am.  This time, it happened to occur on my bed.  And he threw his arm around me.  Which was awesome.  I was like a 12yr old girl, like, "omg, I’m touching a boy!  ahh!".  He, for some stupid reason, has that effect on me.

We were just talking and then HE KISSED ME too!  Either I looked really hot that night, or they are all suffering from "Anne is the only girl in my life and I’m wasted so I guess I’ll try to make out with her" syndrome.  hmm.  Could go either way...

However, then clothes came off. At which point I somehow was able to kick him out. The next day, we all acted like nothing happened. Perfect.

The following week I met up with a man I don’t live with, Bennett, at this bar and we had a few beers.  He knows everyone in the service industry so we get lots of free stuff; a good friend to have. We then met up with my friend Lena and her crew who are loads of fun, where I proceeded to get really annoyingly drunk and dance like a slut to Ke$ha.  Sorry Lena!!  I made out with Bennett in the booth (sorry Lena!!) and some more on the street.  Then he left and I headed toward Adam's Morgan and went salsa dancing at Rumba with yep, Matt and Ryan. Tequila shots abound.

Matt decided to walk our friend home. Meanwhile, Ryan and I were basically screwing on the street on OUR way home.  Got home and we were basically going at it on our kitchen counter (I figured at this point if I were going to get scabies, I would have them already) until we heard the door open.  Then I ran up the secret stairway to my room and shut the door.  Two seconds later, Matt knocked.  He collapsed on my bed and proceeded to tell me that he likes me, too.  Then we made out.  I made out with THREE people in ONE night.

Next day: pretended nothing happened. Can I possibly keep this up?

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