On this week's episode of OKCupid Messages You Couldn't Make Up....


Do you have a favorite place for veggie food around the city? I do like blossom as far as purely vegan stuff, but prefer non-western places like Awash or Hangawi whatnot, which tend to have great veggie options that aren't as processed. I live at E124 and 2nd, so I have no issues going above 59th. I'm, sadly, rarely above 53rd, where my job is.

I belonged to a fiction writer's group for many years - and still write several times a week. It's a good outlet.

Enjoy Philly.

Cheers, Tim

Ps. Even if you're not interested, you should totally sign my petition to make all federal prisons vegetarian on the White House website. I started it today at work because things are it a bit slow . . .



Dear Tim:

Thanks for the info! I'll TOTALLY sign your petition--because I know the whole Gitmo thing has gotten complicated, and women across the country don't REALLY need the right to choose. Let's start with something simple. Like vegetarian cuisine in prisons. I can feel the HBO special starring Anthony Bordain. I think you've really got something here.

p.s. I'm standing outside your apartment right now. Do you have a bathroom I could use?