OK Cupid Strikes Again


A few months after the end of a two-year relationship, I decided to give OK Cupid a try. My first two dates were quite the doozy: 1. I corresponded for a few weeks with a guy, and finally we decided to meet for a drink. I suggested Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which is my go-to first date spot. Anybody who has been to Union Hall (or who has seen the amazing movie Sleepwalk with Me) knows the place gets freakin' noisy. That's part of the appeal. If your date is boring, there are 100 other people around whose conversations you can become involved in (unless it involves the co-op, then you stick with your boring date). Anyway, the guy got there and we got a drink and sat down at the bar. He wasn't saying much. So I started talking, but he wasn't responding to anything I was saying. I thought--am I the boring one?

Then he turned and I saw he had cochlear implants. I realized he probably wasn't hearing anything I had to say. And neither of us seemed to mind.

2. I met up with a guy near Prospect Park, but he said in lieu of a walk, perhaps we should get a beer. I obliged. We went to a bar and the bartender asked if we wanted anything. I ordered a beer. Then my date announced he didn't drink, so he got water. I wasn't bothered by the not drinking, but I was a little confused why he'd suggest getting a drink. Then he started to cheer. I realized there was a hockey game on, and he was glued to the TV. He proceeded to watch the game, and didn't talk to me for the rest of the night.