It's Friday Night--Let's Celebrate Our Bad Decisions...








In honor of all the Friday nights we've spent on dates with people we hoped never to see again (see: the  recreational meth user; the architect who hated daylight so he designed buildings without windows; the fiction writer; the ex-soap opera writer; the guy who said he was the personal assistant to Tim Robbins but  then confessed he quit his job to be a writer; the guy you said would be the last writer you'd ever go on a  date with, but clearly he isn't, because you can't quit it, dating writers is like crack...but we digress):

Baddategreatstory is pleased to announce its second reading of the year!



7:00pm Bar on A 170 Avenue A Happy Hour extended till 9:30pm

Hear material from:

Missy Baker "The Ice Cream Man" Brian Jian Vanessa Schuh Lia Ottaviano Samantha Rayman

and of course a healthy helping of bad date recall from your hosts!