How to Internet Stalk Like a Professional


Because let's be honest, we all do it. So we might as well do it right. I shouldn’t call it stalking, it’s gathering information about the other person so you can make a well-educated decision on whether or not you should date them. We have to do it, especially in big cities where men exploit their egos and lie.

First off, the easiest thing to do is to search Facebook. Here's the deal though, you can only look him up once, otherwise the more you look him up, Facebook will think you know him, and YOU will show up on “Friends He May Know” without even a single friend in common. And that looks weird.

Facebook is good at reviewing photos to see who the ass has dated before. If he parties a lot; if he dates skanks. These are important details you need to know. Usually guys are smart and put their profile on private. If their profile is not on private, they might not be smart.

Also a good tell is how many friends they have and how many are girls. If the guy has over 1500 friends that is just stupid...That is another implication at what type of person they are.

If they don't have their job up there, it might mean they don't have one. Or it means they are a dud and ashamed of what they do. You want a man who is happy in his profession.

Don't add them as a friend right  away either, that looks weird and desperate. You want to keep cool because you want to date this person and not look crazy.

Now twitter. if they have twitter and they aren't trying to promote something BEWARE. They might just like talking about themselves. Obviously read their tweets, duh!

Next we will move onto Google, or whatever search engine you prefer. The best way is to start with their name. If they have a common name, this is where it gets tricky. You can type their name and city and see if any matches come up. Otherwise, name/age, name/state. Whatever you can think of. Start looking through the desired results.

Now if you have their email, you are golden....

In some states they have what we call CCAP, which is circuit court documents that are viewable to the public online. All you need is their full name and birth date. You might not need their middle name. This is a definite must! Any legal action taken against this person will be on there. If they got divorced, if they got sued, DUIs, you name it.

I hope this helps on your educational mission. It helped me find out a boyfriend was cheating and a guy posing as a financial adviser when he was just a bank teller.

Happy Hunting!

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