"How About We" have an authentic New York City date?


Listen kids, I'm dating someone.  It's sort of a miracle how well it's going, so in order not to jinx it, I will bite my tongue for now.  That is why, I have decided to share my very special NYC "How About We..." date posts with you not yet unleashed on the public--ready for the using:


1- "How About we" take my conservative relatives to tranny bingo in Chelsea?

2- "How About We" drink ourselves to hangovers then get on the train walk of shame right before someone jumps on playing drums on a large dirty white overturned pail while those acrobatic kids roll down the middle of the train, accidentally kicking someone (that will be you)

3- "How About We" go get some pierogies at Velselka then relax in front of the fountain in Washington Square Park, until some dirty hippie (NYU student) gets shirtless and jumps in--ruining it for us all.

4- "How About We" go to the Times Square movies theaters (any will do!) and try and hear anything over the f****ing needless chatter.

5- "How About We" go to the Spring St/ Crosby St Starbucks at rush hour and watch ten green hat wearing people try to operate the clover machine, when everyone in line is just waiting for an ice coffee.

6-"How About We" go to Cookshop Restaurant and pretend we don't see the girl who lives right above and always changes in front of her window.

Okay, who's free tonight!?