How about we check out this new dating site?


I knew this guy who was Bieber good looking in high school, who told me he liked to walk by the park on his way home from school and leave quarters for kids to find.  Awe.  I thought that was so sweet.  Until I spent time with a small child in the park and realized he was just leaving toddler choking traps all over the otherwise pristine ground.  Killer!!! Here is how the new site "How about we" comes in and is genius.

Everyone on the site posts a date like, "How about we dress up in primary colors and go to the m&m store."

People reply, try (hopefully) to be witty, if that's what you like.  And here's why it's awesome, you get to see someone's true personality before you commit to any time spent on them.  Because coming up with clever things to do is much harder than writing a typical "I'm laid back.  I like spending time with family and watching the game" blah profile/message back and forth on other sites.  And having the date ideas up in the community really pushes up the competition.  No lost Opportunity costs!  (Had to get nerdy with you there for a sec).

So, should I at this age read, "How bout we... Go slip coins into dressing rooms at Gymboree"  I'd think, come on!  That's a cute thing for a fifteen year old to say, but really?  -Wait a minute.  You're not fifteen are you?!!... Efficiency, meet new people to date.  Now go!  Eat organic ice cream and go for a walk through Billyburg, sample the wine and cheese at that douchebag place in SoHo, do the least original thing posted and take a tour through Brooklyn Brewer (actually don't do that- it totally sucks).  Go into the fray beautiful souls!