Good Deeds Go Punished

Today I received an email from a non-profit organization asking for money. This is not unusual. My natural born guilt complex means its impossible to say no when asked if I want to join a mailing list. However, I never feel guilty enough to actually donate. But that's besides the point. Because today's email came courtesy of an organization where a guy I briefly dated used to volunteer. This guy wasn't a significant ex, he was more of a drive by boyfriend, blink and you'll miss him kind of guy. The kind that introduces you to his dog and then develops a mystery-diagnosis type situation that prevents him from dating (literally.) Anyway, I never expected to see this guy again. He's a Williamsburg boy, and I'm a Manhattan girl, and God knows we avoid each other like the plague. It's a miracle we even made it to the third date. But I digress. Because I opened up this email, thinking, OH, let's see what's going on at this organization I will not name, that promotes mentoring young female writers. I like what you do. Not enough to donate my coffee money, but enough to learn about your mission. But then SLAM. Sneak attack! There's this guy's face, ruining my perfectly good distraction. It seems when not perusing OK Cupid for dog walking mates, he's off videotaping student readings. The shame. So this teaches me a hard lesson about the internet and dating.

Men may come and go, but mailing lists are forever.