Get me outta this carpet!


I would like to bring it to your attention that I have in the SAME month, had two different guys online write to me and say that they would like to 'roll me up in a carpet and take me to Persia where we would fly over the pyramids and I would be treated like a princess.' What the hell princess travels inside the flooring?  Not this one!  And for so many many other reasons, there is a lot wrong with this sentence.  But, MORE TROUBLING is that 2 DIFFERENT guys have written this to me.   Is this a fad or am I in danger?  What is the logic behind this?!!  They looked like they come from different genetic pools but same culture (Americaness), I watch A LOT of TV and movies and I have not heard this as like the new "I'm kind've a big deal" catchphrase.  So... coincidence or signs of probable danger?  I'm going to investigate... hopefully I will report back more news!  (If not call the POPO).