For everyone who missed the BDGS 1st Birthday opening by Jessie and Emi:


Thank you for coming to the Bad Date Great Story 1st Birthday show! In the past year we've posted 130 pieces from around the world, and heard stories from 30 of the funniest New Yorkers.  We've also become an LLC, so those writers who actually care about their rights might then start breathing again and submit to us!

...And now, we'd like for share the following breaking news stats about Bad Date Great Story with you:

# of people who have been engaged within a year of performing at Bad Date Great Story... Two.  We're not making promises, but if this is your aim, you might want to give us a shot guys.

# of times someone has almost lost their job after telling a story at Bad Date Great Story... One.  Opps.  Sorry Alix!

# of BDGS shows that Jessie's dad has fallen asleep during... One

He was never invited back after the first time.

# of people, thanks to the BDGS story that started it all, that we have gotten to wear a tee shirt displaying a photograph of a cat on an I.V. in this room... eight and growing people!

# of times Jessie and Emi have worried about their professional stability after googling themselves and learning that a photo from the last Bad Date Great Story event invite that looks like Betty White giving fallacio to a hot dog is coming up under their names. Zero!  We think it's hilarious and if you're in this room you probably do too!  So let's sit back, kick off the week and loosen our belts so we can drink more and laugh a lot--We've got some great storytellers coming your way tonight!


<Followed by: loud excited screaming, sipping, uncontrollable giggling, general adorable behavior from audience and storytellers. Stay tuned for footage this week!>

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