Don't Stomp the Butterflies (and other pieces of dating advice)


(From the BDGS event)

The craziest thing to ever happen on a date was:

I took a girl named Sadye to the butterfly garden. When we got to climate controlled butterfly enclosure, there was already a school field trip of children there. Some of the kids were pretending to stomp on the butterflies whenever they landed on the footpath. I could tell that Sayde wanted me to talk to them, charm them in some way and tell them to be gentle. But I didn't want to talk to them; obviously their teacher had told them not to step on the butterflies; obviously they were only PRETENDING to stomp the butterflies to see if they could make the teacher freak out. I probably would have done the same when I was a kid. Anyway, the butterflies were fine. Sayde, however, was getting upset. Finally she rushed over to try to stop a kid mid-stomp but she fell and two kids were knocked down and at least two butterflies were squished. By the time it was all sorted out there were tears and a very angry elementary school teacher.