Dating... hiding past relationships you might want to know about


I went on a date with the sweetest guy, because we're still talking there is a limited amount of info I'm going to divulge, but I'll leave in the best parts. After a day of computer work, I managed to catch the tail end of a digital conference I had been excited to attend.  They were showcasing a lot of web video success stories and who doesn't want that info now (yes? No? Okay-I'm a total nerd).  After the conference drink and talk, where I executed total control and only drank half a bud light from a wine flute, in order to maintain for later, I booked it out of there.  I ran from the conference in midtown, to a chocolate cocktail bar he had suggested specifically because it was close to where I was coming from (sweet points!).  I was five minutes late and feeling guilty, he was on time with a smile, handsome looks, and dark hair.

We had a lot in come, both like to travel, both like funny movies and indie stylings, both like biking and waking up late.  We drank two almond/chocolate martinis and then it happened.  I mentioned I used to live in his neighborhood, off handedly listed my roommates.  He asked me to repeat their names, I did.  He gasped.  It turns out one of my old roommates, who's still a good friend, was his ex-girlfriend.  Not only had they dated, they had explored international ruins together. Ohhhhh.  That's too much.

There's the list of things that keep me from wanting to have physical contact with a guy.  I'll let you build the obvious starters and add on, is into firearms, thinks telling me everyone in his family is an alcoholic is a great conversation starter, dated anyone I know.  I just can't rise above it.  They're on the list because I feel that strongly.  The last one makes me feel one step away from being part of a large Mormon family.  I hope one of you single ladies who has no  'shared connections' bumps into this guy though, he's a keeper!