Blind Date Sandtrap


I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but I speak of what shall be referred to as the blind date sandtrap.  This is when you have plans to go meet a friend and then there just happens to be someone else who "comes along"  is "in the neighborhood" and then stays with you guys for the next 3-5 hours.

I don't know how many different guidebooks we're all reading right now,  but I think we should unify and decide that "I'm in the neighborhood" is a 1 drink if anything above a hug and leave action.   Anything more than that, even if it is just casual is also...  AWKWARD.

No one like awkward. Unless uncovered in an episodic television show, awkward is for middle school unisex health class, shared dressing rooms, anytime there's a dance floor, not anything that can be described as a "time," like text: "Had a great time last night" "see you next time" (if you say yes unwillingly, you've just sandtrapped yourself.  Reverse sandtrap!  Move back 2 spaces.

So, even though I am now realizing I've kind've done this to friends in the past, since it's now been done to me, I'm stopping.  At least for now.  Big sorries for anyone who's been previously caught in my sandtraps.