Bad Date Great Stories editors on Cosmo Mag's SiriusXM Radio Station!


Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 11.52.23 AM   photo(15) Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 11.51.17 AM On Friday, Sept 20th Jessie & Emi had a great time going down to the Cosmo Magazine's office in the Heart tower in Manhattan, to chat with Steph Ramos on Cosmo's Sirius XM radio show.  (It's downtown from us, because we're South Harlem girls!!!)

Follow them at @IMStephRamos @COSMORADIO

Not only did we have the best time ever dishing with Steph about the trials and tribulations of dating in this day and age, but we got to hear some GREAT new stories from listeners who called in.  Virgin stories!  What a treat!

Though, we chatted solidly and giggled our heads off with Steph, we left with more to say (don't we always?), which is why it's AWESOME that we've been invited back in November to dish some more and talk about our next show.

We'll tell you guys more when we've got more details!

For now, here's the link to download the Sirius XM app (free for 30 days!) and HURRY it's only up for 6 more days!

Once you've opened the app --> Click on "Shows by Channel" --> "Cosmo Radio" --> "Inside Cosmo" --> "Aired: 9/20 11:00AM 50 mins food, travel, dating"

Here's a screenshot of the episode from our phone: