Audience member shares a relationship: Got a little red in the face

From the pen of #9: I had met a beautiful woman on a retreat and we’d kissed under the stars, so I was really excited when she invited me to a dinner party at her house.  As the evening wound down, she found me in the living room and we hung out until everyone else had left.  Then she led me up to her bedroom, where we started making out on her bed.  Everything was great and then I felt something warm and gushy—coming from my nose.  I opened my eyes and I was having a ferocious nosebleed all over her and the bed.  She works in medicine and astutely hypothesized that it was probably the nasal decongestant I’d been using—combined with arousal.  Hot.

We actually dated for a couple of months, even though she was applying to medical schools and would probably be leaving the city soon. I had written her a poem, and read it to her as we sat by a beautiful pond and watched the sun set.  I started to get hungry and asked if we could stop for something to eat, but she said she needed to get home and insisted I drive her.  She talked the whole way home about all the kinds of people she hoped to date in New Orleans, where she was going.   I was absolutely starving by the time we got to her house.  As I was pulling over on her busy street and trying to find a safe place to let her out, she said, “Okay, I think it’s time for us to stop seeing each other.”

“Wow,” I said, “That was kind of insensitive timing.  I just gave you that poem.”

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “Do you want it back?”