And the show must go on... you heard it here Gossip Girl.


P.s. Just in case you are clinging to this dead cat tied behind a pickup truck on a dusty road called "Gossip Girl" as I watched SNL in the mid-aughts (what was I doing with my life!?!@>)  here is THE BEST run down ever:

Jessica Pressler, your ability to keep this column more entertaining than the show is the very reason- The show MUST go on!


Especially enjoyed:

-"Why isn’t Dorota at Blair’s shower??? Minus 5 "  DO NOT FORGET DOROTA - She is everything!!!

-'“All right, I’m on it." Nate says, before he heads to confront Liz Hurley over the Gossip Girl breach. Plus 1. If we lived in the world of Gossip Girl, a parallel universe we’re certain exists, we’d definitely start a Tumblr called “Nate Archibald Is ON IT.” '