Addendum - "Friends with Benefits" movie better than tv show


Okay, confession time.  When I wrote a few posts ago, something entitled like, '"Friends with Benefits" TV Show awesome,' or whatever other phrase I use too much, I actually had not seen the movie in full (clips and I don't know who's making trailers now, people who don't know that everyone has 500 channels and A.D.D. and you have to actual put the good people in the trailer too; Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson) and being still nauseated by the previous "No Strings Attached" complete chemistry lacking schlock, I made a snap judgement.  See Samantha's Super Great stick figures on this matter So, this new viewing coupled by the fact that the TV series has decided to charge for their previous episodes- funny haha, but NOT worth money.  (Omg new show, who do you think you are?  Even if you do have awesome guy from "Party Down" series, you are new and therefore near meaningless.  Charging?  Really?)  Verdict is in.  "Friends with Benefits" movie and the better writing and actual chemistry wins over all the excess rigamaroo that came out this year.  Case closed. -Ed.