Why you should never date anyone you meet watching the Olympics


It was about 2 years ago today that I had my cab door slammed shut with complete disinterest in me by a bearded, albinoish, Canadian twenty six year old who looked like a past or future contestant of "Survivor".  How did this happen to me? Please take this quiz.

A) An over investment on my part in the Canada hosted Winter Olympics of 2010.  This was brought on by lack of steady employment-Unless you consider temping at your old college 1 year after graduation a serious career move.

B) An amazing Drink Special at a Canadian bar Van Diemens a few days prior that bid my return to Murray Hill.

C) Me, having made plans for a date with said gentleman after a huge U.S.A. hockey loss-at which point I was clearly out of my mind and holding a beer the size of my head.

D) A 2 hour date consisting of 1.45 hours of him discussing coding, something up until that point I had largely thought of relating loosely to being a spy.

E) The remaining 15 minutes spent discussing a trip into the northern wilderness in summertime, where instead of tanning and splashing like fairies in the springs of nature, he would be in a down feather body suit with ice on his face in a canoe.  I was persistently invited.  Then told I was a jaded, materialistic New Yorker with no appreciation of the outdoors. He was an AMAZING judge, because I had literally uttered 6 words at this point.  two of them were "Stella," "Stella," and the other were something like "Yeah, I like this place"

F) Bearded explorer man flirting with any girl that was breathing in the bar.



All of the above people! It took a special trining of the planets and cheap cheap Canadian beer to make this magic happen.  But the truly sparkly warmth came at the end of the date, when both of us living within ten blocks of each other could have shared a cab, but by then we had so much mutual distaste for each other, we opted to just pay more money to get away as fast as possible.  It's so much cleaner when there's shared contempt.