When you share a room on vacation... things are overheard.


This story was recently told to me near a running film of Charlie Chaplin (who the more you drink you shout out the genius of at higher levels) a falafel that just fell the eff apart the minute a bite was taken, by 2 of the funniest ladies I know.  And so we begin...

It was England, they were teenagers who had decided to leave their vacationing parents and travel to the countryside for a few nights at a bed and breakfast together.  Yes, this sounded this weird when it was told to me the first time.  They too wonder why they thought to go to a b&b for a KRAZY weekend together, but who can explain anything teenagers do. It just was.

They got smashed.  At a pub.  Met two really cute British boys.  Honestly are any of them not adorable?  Okay, some. Some are not the cat's meeyow but the accent, the false humility.  So yummy.

One of them brings a guy home.  The other pretends to be sleeping immediately in an effort to squash the obvious awkwardness. Then it happens.

"Your breasts are lovely," the gentleman says to his twin bed balancing partner.


"Yes.  They're fun to play with," she answers.

At which point, friend who is trying to sleep cannot hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.  The jig is up.

They come home to America.  British man mostly still dreams about those boobs.