Three reasons why you'll only find your next relationship online


1)  Sure people used to meet in real life.   Back in a time when people had unplugged ears.  In this day and age, people are accidentally walking into fountains while texting their friend a YouTube video of a drunk cat.  They're not eye open, listening to every cute thing you say at the grocery store secretly falling in love with you.  Sorry.  Get online. 2)  You have met everyone in your circle, and their circle and their sister's circle.  Your life is ruled by concentric shapes.   This, "You know who you should meet," has thus far not panned out.  Preschool is over.  Shapes should not still rule your life.

3)  It works. Here's the thing about meeting someone in real life. Circumstances. You meet in school, at work, wherever.  It bonds you together.  It creates a safe place of familiarity, but when That circumstance changes, so does the relationship. I'm not saying it can't work, but passengers who Pilot Sully rescue landed into the NYC river still have a yearly reunion, but should they all get married? (Yes, I know there was a couple who got engaged, but it didn't work out! It was the 'we went through this' love-intense, short. Over)


If you are still living in the stone age you need to wake up before you die alone.

Get. Online. Already.