Caught in Subway Hookup

There's nothing that makes being out in the hot humid city any worse than going on the train and being stuck next to a gross french couple who are full on caressing each other-Torso, legs you name it- if there's a part of the body it was publicly excavated in-between me and this other dude. Hey guys, I know you don't go by the same rules, as I learned by the 500th movie in which Kate Hudson played someone's flighty sister, "Le Divorce." But seriously. It's the train. The only people I want to see touching each other are kids holding hands on a camp trip in matching neon green tees on their way to see Dinosaur bones.

Please just go to Yotel and get a room. Now see below if you do not know about the hilarious existence of Yotel.

  • Yo·Tel: A completely shenanigans name for a place you hope doesn't have bedbugs and loud fratheads staying next door to you. Yotel. <Yo like "Hey Bob, Yo' mama so fat..." & Tell like "Hey, I gotta tell you about this stupid name for a hotel I just heard">

For anyone who has not seen the new Yotel located on 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue.