The Overnight Date


  Because sometimes, the date ends at home.


And when it does, here are some things you don't want to hear:


  1. The wrong name.
  2. "You remind me of my mother."
  3. "You remind me of my ex."
  4. "Oops."
  5. "This usually doesn't happen."
  6. "Don't worry, I'm sure these bumps are normal."
  7. (the sound of crying)
  8. "You are stressing me out."
  9. "Can you keep it down? I don't want my mother to hear us." [editors note: acceptable only-and only- for the under-21 crowd. Because then you're just in college and getting laid. Any older, and you're just an adult living with your mother.]
  10. "Can you keep it down? I don't want to wake the baby."


Any others? Let us know! We want to hear them...


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