The Final Time Julie Dated An Actor

He had been in a Skittles commercial. I went back to his apartment for a glass of wine. It got late and he asked if I wanted to stay over. I said that I shouldn't. I had more wine. He asked again. It was getting later and so I said, "I am not going to sleep with you." He said, "alright." I said, "maybe I'll stay over." He said, "I want to show you the lion's den." I grew curious. The lion's den? I imagined velvet couches and drapes. This is where he ravishes women. Maybe I wanted to be ravished. I said, "ok, I want to see the lion's den." He took me to the bedroom. There wasn't any furniture, with the exception of a twin bed. Condom wrappers were on the floor. A Chinese food menu was taped to the wall--as decoration. This was his lion's den. Then he asked if we were going to have sex.