The Dick Pic Master


My roommate went home to Wisconsin last week and rekindle with a guy from her high school. She kept saying she misses how sweet and normal Wisconsin men are compared to California boys. She had been texting him every day and getting butterflies. Until...he persistently started asking for pictures of her. My roommate is shy and thinks it's weird when people constantly take mirror pictures of themselves.

Last night when I got home, she told me out of the blue he sent her a dick pic, and now is asking her for one. She asked if I wanted to see it. Being the self-proclaimed dick pic expert and an amazing friend, I immediately said “Yes.” It's a nice size, but it's veiny. Dicks are just so unattractive.

It gets worse....He then sends her a gizz pic. Now this is the first I've seen. I feel he is the most talented man I know because it was done standing up and the cum had just started coming out the tip. He has mad camera skills. After this edible arrangement, he wants a picture of her pronto.

We start analyzing and wondering what kind of perv would send that. She is so turned off right now she just wants the conversation to be over.


Dick Pic Master: Just a lingerie pic?

Annoyed Roommate: It looks like you're good now. Lol.

Dick Pic Master: That was a few weeks ago.


Ummm....WTF does that mean?


Annoyed Roommate: many other girls have you sent that to?

Dick Pic Master: Honestly, just two.


He sent my roommate a USED DICK PICK. Who saves that in their phone???????? When she wouldn't send him one, he called her a California snob. Really? You are going to piss off the girl you just showed your genitals to?


Moral of the Story: Don't send naked pictures to people, you never know what they might do with them;-)

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