Our Second Installment of "Never Date a Person Who..."


Thank you again to our audience for their participation! Never date a person who...

...is vegan because they have a policy of "cruelty free" sex :-)

...takes life too seriously!

...shows up late, goes dutch, has bad breath, gets drunk within the first hour, wears spandex and earrings bigger than yours.

...twirls his mustache and stares at the T.V. while you're going down on him. (ed. note: !!!!!!!)

...doesn't know that women have pubic hair!

...moved to America to escape his Pachinko's gambling debts. (ed. note: we think more of this story MUST be told)

...hates puppies.

...you have gone out with for a week and a half, and then after you tell him you want to be friends, he says his mother made you a present and is sending it in a package from the Dominican Republic (it is a pink towel with your name embroidered on it).