On-Line Dating versus Dave Matthews Band


Online dating is a strange phenomenon. Not too long ago the idea of shopping for a mate was strictly for creepy uncles using Russian mail order bride services. How and why this changed is one of the questions that OK Stupid hopes to answer. This graph shows the social acceptance of online dating versus that of the Dave Matthews Band.

note: This graph represents what we are publicly willing to admit. In private we all still love the Dave Matthews Band.

extra note: The term “Online Dating” covers all forms of computer dating.


This heavily researched chart came from the brilliant mind of OK Cupid correspondent, Anthony. Anthony can be seen in the Salon.com webseries, In The Middle. (http://www.salon.com/topic/in_the_middle/) To pay the bills he is a partner in a concrete company (www.bahkoconcrete.com) and a Principal at a online design firm (cynicalandsons.com). On paper he sounds much busier than he really is.