OKStupid Presents: The Thread That Died


She had funny hipster jokes on her profile and challenged suitors to match her wit.


Great hipster jokes. Let me try.

How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb? None their mom does it just like she does everything else for them.

Look it was a first shot. It was in the right spirit.

I don’t understand Downtown Abbey either. But I do miss Downtown Julie Brown. Is Abbey’s show similar?

Cheers, Anthony

She responded.

I miss Downtown Julie Brown and even Kurt Loder. (Remember him? What’s he doing now??). I miss the old MTV in general. The one that used to play music videos and interview artists. And not this trashy “reality” TV Jersey Shore bullshit. Sigh.

Did you make up that hipster joke? A for Effort. Because a lot people email me that same joke with the punchline: “It’s a really obscure number that you wouldn’t understand.” So, you really moved the genre forward. :)

Oh, now it’s on.


I got that joke from the anthology, “Hipster jokes and online dating: A guide to whatever. Look I really like Japanese noise metal trance. Your hair isn’t in your eyes so you wouldn’t understand.”

The title is a bit long, but no one reads anymore. And… glad I could move the genre forward. I think I’ll start working on a new collection called, “Yo Yo Mama Hipster Jokes – the rarest collection of cello and skinny jean jokes.”

I always liked Kurt Loder’s droll MTV news presentation. When they brought in that John Norris guy I felt I was too old for MTV.

Do you think if I hacked into weather.com I could make it stop raining?

Cheers, Anthony

Aren’t I clever? She replied with more witty banter. It was so good I had to recheck her profile. The conversation shifted to BitCoins (I don’t know how, it’s all absurd). I sent this follow up.

Mind if I borrow some Bitcoins? There must have been a hole in my pants pocket cause I think they all fell out.

I think we should get together and discuss the breakdown between Google douchebags and hipster losers. Or just crack each other up.

That was two weeks ago. Maybe she was hit by a bus?


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