Oh, Wisconsin, these be fighting words


Like many a person from Wisconsin, I am a proud Packer fan. And, like many a person from Wisconsin, I know that when the Packers lose (a rarity of course) fans get riled up. Seriously--Booze+Packer loss means things can get a bit crazy. A couple of years back I went on a date with a guy to a Packer game, where the rarity occurred. After, my date drove my '89 Chevrolet convertible (red interior, cloth) out of the parking lot. Now, anyone who has ever been to any sporting event EVER knows the cars move SLOW, but the guy behind us didn't get this message, and wouldn't stop honking. So my date did what anyone else would do--flipped him off. As we got out of the parking lot, the car behind began to follow us. He followed us onto the freeway, sticking his head out the window and shouting obscenities. When traffic was at a standstill, he got out of his car and punched through my back window (my poor convertible!). My date got out of the car and began fighting with the guy. Passerbys had to pull them apart. At this point I was tired, embarrassed, and still PISSED that the Packers lost. I wrote down the license number, and later was told the man spent the night in jail.

Hopefully, when the Packers take the 2012 Superbowl, I'll have another tale to tell...