Oh, on-line dating, how you never let us down


One of the major perks of being an editor at BDGS is, when it comes up in conversation that you work at a web site catering to the tales of bad dates, people like to share. (This is also an excellent test for my own date's compatibility. If you don't think gum in the pubic hair is funny, we probably won't work out:  http://baddategreatstory.com/?p=222.)

Recently I was invited to a co-workers birthday party held on a Friday night at Mehanata, the Bulgarian bar on the LES (http://www.mehanata.com/). Because, there is no better way to get to know co-workers you've previously only seen across the table at staff meetings, than to dance all night in a basement with belly dancers and a "Vodka Ice Room." (Seriously, we're friends for life).

One of the co-workers brought his girlfriend, M. While chit-chatting I mentioned BDGS, and she was kind enough to share this gem:

"The first on-line date I ever went on was through nerve.com (thank you nerve, giving us material by the minute!). We corresponded briefly, and he seemed decent enough. He asked me out and then he told me to check out his website. I checked it out. Turns out his web site was all about taking care of his stoma (for those unfamiliar with such medical knowledge:  http://stomastomata.com/). I wasn't that interested even before I checked out the web site, but then I thought, Shit. I can't cancel now. Then I'm the asshole who cancelled the date with the guy with a stoma. So I met him for dinner. We went to Peanut Butter & Company. I watched him eat The Elvis, with extra bacon. I kept thinking, Maybe he shouldn't be eating this with the stoma. Then he told me he lived with his mother, and maybe I'd want to meet her sometime?"

Luckily, this story ends well. No, M. never again went out with the man with the stoma. But soon after, Nerve.com briefly joined forces with The Onion, where my co-worker had a dating profile. He's the kind of guy who teaches writing strategies using "Stuff White People Like" (http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/...ok, I'll stop linking now). They live happily ever after in Astoria with their cat.


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