Fail is BDGS Success!


  Before I left for a trip abroad, I had been corresponding on with this guy. I'm 26 and two days and he's 35, so he's just under my 10-year window. By the time we met up for after work drinks, it had already been several weeks since we had emailed. He was the kind of guy that didn't seem particularly compelling but was handsome enough for me to give a shot. He texted me on Monday to make plans for the following day.

He suggested we meet at a bar not too far from my apartment . I agreed--hope for the best, expect the worst, right?  He said, "I'll have to watch my alcohol intake." I replied, "It's a work night. That is probably a good idea."

When I walked into the bar and spotted him, he was looking--well--pretty wiped. He told me he was really hung over from drinking till 4am on Sunday and work that day had been difficult for him. I thought--the bars close at 2am on Sunday, what was he doing with those extra two hours? Did I want to know?

Then he asked me if I was prone to staying out till 4am. I admitted on a weekday I was often in bed by 10. He looked disappointed.

He said, "I don't remember a damn thing about you. I got confused with all the other women I'm messaging with." I thought, well this is already going well.

The next thing he asked was how Match was working out for me. How did he think Match was going? I had gone out with guys who got drunk and shouted racist things. I went out with a guy who talked about root vegetables. Do you know how many root vegetables there are out there? Well, now I know. And this guy didn't seem to be making my trust in on-line dating any greater.

There was nothing else to say. The date was full of those awkward long pauses. I realized this dating site was quite possibly the only thing we had in common.

I didn't even finish my first drink as he finished his second. Neither of us brought up staying for more. I hightailed it out of there. had failed me again. But I'm not down for the count. I figure what's bad news for me is good material for Bad Date Great Story.