Kickstart your office with improv baby!


We hope you got a chance to check out Charla Lauriston at the Bad Date Great Story Spring Fling show 2013. The second she got on stage we were in love--and laughing til the end.  <Just in case you missed it, check her out here: BDGS YouTube page > Here is ANOTHER awesome thing about Charla.  She is part of Improv Kick, a group of highly trained and talented perfomers  (Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, the Second City Chicago, and the People's improv Theater) that takes your group of unconfident layabouts and shapes them into a force of skilled professional CRACKERJACKS!!! Just kidding (sort of)...

All kidding aside, Improv Kick is a great organization leading workshops with brilliant improv exercises to help businesses create a dynamic professional team.  Check them out and don't miss Charla's other shows by following her at @imcharlaface