Keep on Truckin' - Now a euphemism for out of love seven year olds!


We want your love.  We are willing to send you stationery and ply you with powdery sugar hearts.  But.  We also have no patience.  And so, just twenty minutes ago we were laying on the wood floors pouring through the boxes of valentines we've bought you- which you will get at the show tomorrow night- which you are coming to -and which will be unBElievable! Then we saw it.  The one valentine that made us realize that kids today have it harder than we thought.  "Let's Keep on Truckin'" it tells your seven year old neighbor.  If you are a child and need to hear this on Valentines Day-You got PROBLEMS!  And the pluralized 'Let's' indicates that this kid is just one of many in their tiny capri-sun-filled-sticky-hands ecosystem-who cannot keep it together on V-Day!  We think that is AWESOME!!!!


Oh!  Click here to get filled in on the story that made us become so attached to the term 'Keep on Truckin''"...:

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