Just another Sunday texting convo about dating


This textersation took place between my friend who I will call Doris Day and myself this past week.  Her name is not Doris Day (though my old dermotologist used to have that name-RANDOM) Her name is much funnier. 11:08pm Doris: Am i a slut if i end up on my knees in the storage closet at __________ and think, typical saturday afternoon?  Is this a funny question for your website or tmi?

Me: Haha!!!!! No sooooo perfect! Can we post?

11:28pm Doris: Sounds god.  just replace (name of restauarant she said) with like, Mcdonalds

11:36pm Doris: Although, full disclosre, we started in the broom closet, but were afraid customers would catcbh us.  Again.

Me: HAhah!

11:43pm Me: Omg totally