It's so great to see you again?


So I met this guy at a party and we made a date to meet up for drinks at the Bourgeois Pig, an atmospheric cocktail bar in the East VIllage. When I met the guy, it was dark. I was drunk. The details of the actual meeting are hazy. You know, details like what he did for a living, or what we drank, or say, what exactly he looked like.

No matter, I had a date with this guy on my calendar and I never turn down free drinks. I was confident that once I saw him, I'd know him.
So I walk into the bar and am relieved when I spot my date sitting alone at a table near the back. I was lucky too - he wasn't all that bad looking. Score one point for Liz vs. the Beer Goggles.
I throw on a big smile, and say "Hey man! Great to see you. That was a crazy night, right?" and sit down next to him.
He smiles nervously and says, "Yeah, it totally was. Did you make it home all right?"
I confirm that I did, and then we make small talk. Really awkward small talk. I'm pretty sure he must have been wasted out of his mind when we met, cause he can't remember the details of our  previous conversation either. But, we both decide not to acknowledge how drunk we must have been, and how awkward this date is, and keep on trying to charm each other.
A few minutes later, someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around to see the person who is trying to get my attention. One look at his face and I start to get a sinking feeling.
"Liz?" the new guys asks.
I look at my 'date.' Now that I really think about it, he doesn't really look all that much like the guy I had met at the party. And, as it turned out, he WASN'T the guy I had met at the party at all. But since I had seemed to know him, he figured he had met me drunk somewhere and forgotten and pretended that he knew me since it would have been rude to ask who I was and how we met. Cue massive embarrassment.
To my date's credit, he laughed a little bit and gave me a look that might have said either, 'haha, you're quirky,' or 'haha, you need to go to rehab.'
But the damage was done, the date was awkward, and to this day, I still don't really remember what he looked like.
-From the desk of Liz B.