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So I’m chatting with my friend Anna about her new boyfriend. I’m happy for her because she’s been single for a long time, and she’s blind, so sometimes, finding a good man can be harder than for the average Jane. But, Anna says, this guy is really sweet and things were going pretty well, except for this one thing that happened that’s kind of funny but kind of a big, fat, face palm-inducing thing. Anna had met this guy when he taught a 2 month long training class she needed for her job. He was a popular teacher, was only a few years older than most of the students in the class, and would sometimes join Anna and her friends for drinks after class. Anna and this guy grew pretty close and soon enough they began dating once the training was completed.

Anna has never been able to see, but she could tell he was in pretty good shape, and somewhere, someone had told her that he was blond. Not that it mattered to her all that much, but it was good to know

When Anna went home for the holidays to visit her parents, she brought pictures to show her family of her friends and new boyfriend. She told them to look for the blond guy, and that would be him.

Her parents quickly found the blond guy in her group of friends, and then remarked, “Anna, did you know that one of your classmates is an albino?”

Anna had NO idea. No one had told her anything. But she was surprised. What a strange thing, and she never knew! She wondered which one of her friends it could possibly be. She decided to call her boyfriend and ask him. He would definitely know.

“Hey you,” Anna said that evening, when she called her boyfriend to hear the inside scoop on her albino friend. “Did you know that somebody at the school is an Albino? What a trip! Who is it? He’s in one of our pictures.” The line went dead for a moment. Did the cell phone drop the call? She heard her boyfriend take in a deep breath of air.

“That would be me.” He said. Anna was confused.

“What would be you?” she asked.

“The albino guy. That would be me.” He replied. “I told you this. Back when we first met. Don’t you remember?”

No, Anna did not remember. Not at all. All she knew was that this right here, was awkward. AWK-WARD! On the upside, she now knows what it’s like to be the subject of a ridiculous “a-blind-girl-and-an-albino-walk-into-a-bar” joke.

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