Getting in Bed with a Hot Australian


I went out on a first date with Keith, a hot tall Australian guy with a sexy bronze tan, green eyes and perfectly combed black hair. During dinner I realized that this guy was even hotter than what I remembered from the bar I met him, but also that he is more of a narcissist than I expected… Like really, can we have a conversation without mentioning your exercise routine every five minutes? I get it, you care about your body and… nothing else. So I decided that the only way I could put up with this was by drinking. The only bad thing about this was that with alcohol, he was getting sexier by the minute.


After dinner and drinks we went back to his place. I know, I know… What was I thinking!?.. But remember two things: 1. He is effin hot and 2. I was really drunk.


After making out on the couch for a while, I went to the bathroom, and when I came out I couldn't find Keith anywhere. He called me from his room where he was in his pajamas, in his bed with his computer, video-chatting with his family on Skype. It was already the afternoon in Australia and his family was celebrating his nephew’s second birthday. He asked me to come to the computer and say hi to them. I was terrified but I didn’t know what else to do, so I jumped in the bed and introduced myself. After 45 minutes on Skype of peek-a-boo playing and Happy Birthday singing I said goodbye to Keith and his family… forever.


Vanessa Valerio is a native from the Dominican Republic but has been living in Brooklyn for the past three years. During day time she works as an architect in New York and the rest of the time she performs stories about her days in Europe, her childhood in the Caribbean and her crazy life as a single 30-something woman in the city. You can find her and IG: @thevavaspot.