"Friends with Benefits" the Series, Give it a Shot


We know what you're thinking, "No Strings Attached" was complete dredge.  Lake Bell, we know you need to keep food on the table so we forgive you!  The other two meh, we expect nothing rom com wise from you.  And "Friends with Benefits" the movie, much better, not golden, but better than the before named bottom of the movie on demand barrel, and anything that has Patricia Clarkson is worth a nod of respect. Exhibit A) what we have learned by going over these 2 films: old middle aged dorks in Hollywood are making casual hookups suck big time on the screen.  They don't know anything about people who are single, dress well, have jobs, still party, neither do the stars they choose.  But, this show, this show is on to something.  Maybe it's that each of these characters are attractive in their own way.  And they dare OH MY GOD there is more than one vaguely ethnic actor on this show.  HOLY CRAP what is this the 21st century?  Yes, they're not just trying to count a redhead as a diverse cast member.  Or maybe it's that the writing and acting does not completely sudge ass.  You be the judge.  Due to the Hulu conspiracy only the newest 5 are available for viewing (we checked nbc.com too same deal) you are FORGIVEN FWB, we'll still watch you.  http://www.hulu.com/friends-with-benefits

We are waiting for your feedback.  You too spam, we're looking forward to hearing what you're going to say.


Review: Update! This show has been cancelled.  Boo.  Although, probably not the best show to watch with a significant other, since the main premise is friends hooking up casually and hiding it from the people they're dating.  NOT something you want to put into your other half's subconscious.  Keep surfin'!