Best Museum to go on a bad (or Great!) date to: Miami's World Erotic Art Museum


While in Miami to escape the bitter February cold, my traveling partner and I happened to find ourselves in Miami's World Erotic Art Museum. 1205 Washington Ave  Miami Beach, FL 33139. Here are the top three things we learned:

1) This place is an actual museum.   

Let's be honest.  The word "erotic" summons up sexcapades, not educational artifacts.  It's not that we expected the grounds seen above to be chocked full of porn and blow up dolls, but we definitely didn't expect it to house the world's largest erotic art collection with some pieces dating back to 300 B.C.E. Also a surprise, this art was secured from all corners of the globe by the museum's EXTREMELY interesting founder (read below).

2) The fact that this woman started the museum was just a wee bit of a shock.   (we're not even kidding: About this woman)

3) The entire world is and has always been perverted.  I mean, due to over population this may come as no surprise to any of us, but I saw figurines from Austria and Nepal that are literally still haunting my dreams.


Lastly, you can believe us or these thoroughly academic Yelp reviews (Reviews) but this experience will not be forgotten (see above haunted dreams)

Happy travels!